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In the photo is Guillermo Iasillo. He is the owner of OC Legal Help.


Office Director

Guillermo is a seasoned professional mediator, paralegal and family law matters expert.
He was trained in mediation by the Orange County Human Relations, in its Court Approved program and later gained experience with more than 200 cases mediated in the Superior Court of California, Santa Ana branch as well as the North Court in Fullerton.
Guillermo also completed an internship at Legal Aid Society of Santa Ana where he had his first experiences participating with real clients while enrolled in the paralegal program at Santa Ana College. Thinking outside the box and being able to find a solution to the issues presented at the mediation table are his strengths. Finding a bridge to a resolution is his life.
Guillermo is one of the founding members of OC Legal Help. Speaks Spanish and English.

In the photo is Belinda Rubi Guerrero Puente. She is an attorney and mediator.

Belinda Rubi Guerrero

attorney and mediator

Attorney and mediator licensed to practice law in Mexico.
Specialized in mexican laws, specifically in the litigation arena who can also bring legal action on state level as well as federal.
Admitted to the Tribunal Superior de Justicia del estado de Coahuila.

In the photo is Noé Rodriguez He is a real estate consultant.


Real Estate Consultant

Noé Rodriguez is known for his responsiveness, his attention to detail, his market knowledge, and his commitment to getting things done right for his clients.
By 2005 he was managing a branch office for his broker and helping other investors succeed.
In the aftermath of the financial crash, he earned the Short Sale and Foreclosure Specialist Designation, and then used his knowledge to help investors add to their holdings with REO’s, short sales, and trustee sales. Drawing upon his experience as an investor, he shares his knowledge of how to maximize the value of a home by making the correct updates and repairs to present a “move-in ready” home. He also shares his list of vendors as you can see if you CLICK HERE, who do quality work at a fair price.

In the photo is Claudia Tramontini. She is our south America law consultant.


South America law consultant

Claudia is an argentinian attorney who can litigate at the state or federal level and international matters (Family Law).
She brings a superb level to OC Legal Help, and expert in legal reasoning and had a master degree in tax litigation.
Presently she is the president of AsoPyme as shown if you CLICK HERE.

In the photo isBrenda Gratas. She is a journalist and content writer.


Journalist / Content Writer

Brenda is a journalist and content writer with computer programming skills.
She has a broad experience in creating original content for various companies.
She has worked at different radio stations in Mar del Plata, Argentina, as a broadcast presenter, news producer and content writer for scripts and social media platforms.
She also had her own entertainment news website that provided information about cultural events in the city where she lives in.

In the photo is Javier Hasbani. He is the multimedia designer of OC Legal Help.


Multimedia Designer

Javier has been a music lover for as long as he can recall.
He is a versatile, outstanding musician and DJ who produces his own radio shows.
After intensive training and media experience, Javier is a radio sound designer (imaging), broadcaster, musician, music producer, web designer, and UI designer.
Has its own headquarters: JavHaPRO


Guillermo, as the owner of OC LEGAL HELP obtained an ABA approved Paralegal degree with honors from Santa Ana College.

Then an internship with the prestigious Legal Aid Society of Orange County.

We have experience preparing legal documents over ten (10) years and many satisfied clients.

Divorce along with the death of a related family member are found in science to be the 2 most stressful situations in life.

You can have a judgment for dissolution of marriage even when you are not in agreement of some other issues.

Then, what we can do we have your divorce finalised except what is at issue. We set your case for trial, and the judge, then decides.
So be smart and do not fight for all. Search those things that you are not at issue.


Because fights in family law are EXPENSIVE.

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