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Understand Your Rights as a Tenant Facing Eviction

Facing an eviction in California can be an unpleasant and challenging experience. Tenants have specific rights and protections under state law, but navigating the legal system on your own can be daunting. OC Legal Help specializes in preparing the necessary legal documents to help you understand and exercise your rights.

Receiving an eviction notice requires immediate action. At OC Legal Help, we prepare and file all required legal documents quickly and accurately. Our experienced team ensures that your response is timely and compliant with California eviction laws, increasing your chances of a favorable outcome.

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At OC Legal Help, we are committed to being more than just document preparers. We are your partners in ensuring that your legal documents are crafted with precision and reflect your intentions. Our dedication to professionalism, attention to detail, and deep understanding of California legal requirements ensures that your documents are filed correctly the first time.

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Emergency Help for Families Facing Eviction

An eviction notice can be devastating, especially for families. Acting swiftly is crucial to stopping the process and keeping your home. OC Legal Help offers emergency document preparation services to:

Stop Eviction in Its Tracks
Fight an Eviction Notice
Respond to Eviction Notices
Don't Lose Your Home

Frequently Ask Questions

An unlawful detainer is a legal process by which a landlord removes a tenant from rental property for reasons such as non-payment of rent, violation of lease terms, or other legal grounds.

Yes, tenants can use our services to respond to eviction notices and unlawful detainer actions, including preparing responses and ensuring all necessary documents are accurately completed and filed.


When you receive an unlawful detainer notice, it's essential to act quickly. You must file a written response, called an "Answer," with the court within the specified time frame, typically five days. OC Legal Help can assist you in preparing this response to ensure it is accurate and comprehensive, addressing all points raised by the landlord in the eviction notice.

We do not offer legal advice and you must consult a lawyer to address your specific case. However, in some cases, you can stop an eviction by paying the overdue rent, often referred to as "curing the default." This is typically possible if the eviction notice is based on non-payment of rent. However, this must be done within the time frame specified in the notice. OC Legal Help can help you prepare and document the payment properly to demonstrate compliance and halt the eviction process.